Do you ever catch yourself wishing you were more creative? When you’re staring at some amazing cake on Instagram, reading articles about your favourite designer or walking past an amazing florist’s window display? Well let’s break that myth, babe. Because creativity is not about BEING creative, it’s about just giving it a go – freeing yourself to make mistakes and tapping into that inner child who ain’t got no time for doubt or self-sabotage.

Speaking of inner child, this week we’re taking inspiration from a little girl who is the ultimate (pun intended) poster child of uninhibited creativity. Cassie, aged 3, paints and swirls incredible abstract acrylic canvases that are gaining a following (and clientele!) all over the country. She gets all fingers involved as well as skewers, forks and cups of paint. It’s the perfect case in point that when given permission to go with the flow, sometimes magic happens. Check out more of her paintings here.

This week’s box and DIY project is inspired by Cassie’s own favourite painting – her very first (pictured). A glorious mashup of colour and texture that we hope will get you inspired to go on your very own creative escapade.

xo Phil and Mel

“Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, making mistakes and having fun”

– Mary Lou Cook

In the box this week

disbuds DIY tutorial vase arrangement

Midnight blue Disbud Chysanthemums

Artificially blue? Yes. Spectacular? Naturally. These firework blossoms open into a full circular bloom that with daily fresh water should last for more than a week.

Tip – be gentle when unwrapping and arranging your disbuds as they have a tendency to explode and drop petals with rough handling!

purple vanda orchids DIY tutorial vase arrangement

Purple Vanda Orchids

These wide flat blossoms are incredibly versatile – perfect for styling on the stem or pull off the individual blooms and get creative – float them in little water filled votives or pin one to your hair! Or get creative and style them on their own like this. They come in a huge range of colours from blues and purples to pinks, yellow and white and are usually spotted.

pink asters orchids DIY tutorial vase arrangement

Hot pink asters

Simple and brightly hued, asters are a great filler flower and available in a range of purples, pinks and deep reds. Remove all lower leaves to keep your vase free of bacteria and change your water regularly.

compactor DIY tutorial vase arrangement

Red cordyline compactor

Botanicals have never looked so good. These crazy cool statement stems with their streaky tropical tops aren’t known as the “King of the tropical foliages” for nothing. Create pockets of bold bliss in your home by styling it bare and beautiful in minimal vases, or playfully team it up with big bright blooms


Watch it in action!

Styling instructions

diy spray paint dipped vase

1. Arrange your materials


For this easy DIY you will need:

  • A tub or container of water – an old bucket or ice cream container will work
  • 2 or more colours of oil based spraypaint (we used Ironlak)
  • A clean vase or jar
diy spray paint dipped vase tutorial

2. Add spray paint into water

Lightly spray alternating colours of paint onto the surface of your water and feel free to layer and experiment with different patterns.

diy spray paint dipped vase tutorial

3. Dip and roll

Slowly dip the base of your vase onto the surface of the paint at 45 degree angle and roll gently to cover the base of your vase. Lift out once you have rolled all the sides in the paint.

diy spray painted marble vase dipped

4. Leave to dry

Tip upside down and leave to dry for about 30 minutes (and because this is addictive, repeat the process on any spare glass, box, jug or inanimate object you own).

blue purple disbuds bloombox co

5. Fill with blooms

Fill your killer new marbleised vase with this week’s blooms. We layered cordyline at the back and popped in simple clusters of disbuds and asters at the front, with a couple of orchids splaying out at the side.

diy spray paint dipped vase tutorial how to

6. Marble everything!

Now that you have this technique down pat, say goodbye to boring glassware and hello to awesome hand made, last minute gifts!

We can’t wait to see if you give this week’s DIY a s-whirl 😉 Share with us over on Instagram and Facebook using #OMGFLOWERS.


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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