Did you know that today is the start of a new moon? Whether you’re a stargazer or not, some believe it to be the time of new ideas and new beginnings. A time to feel renewed, create something new and enjoy solitude and reflective time.
DIY rose arrangement tutorial

That sounds pretty good to us! And there’s nothing that feels as refreshing or mindful as taking a little time out to create something beautiful – like a flower arrangement for your home. And this week we have a once-in-a-blue-moon treat: a big bunch of stunning lilac roses, fragrant lavender, and delicate fronds of acacia.

DIY rose arrangement tutorial

This week, keep things full and simple, with a great cluster of roses, and acacia in a simple low vase, and watch them bloom over the week. Save a couple of stems of lavender for your bedside table, so you can drift off to sweet dreams, and wake up to that beautiful calming fragrance, and look forward to the fresh new day to come.

Styling Instructions – Australian Native Arrangement

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A bunch of pink or lilac roses



  • Acacia (wattle) foliage

  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • A sturdy vase and fresh water

strip lower leaves from roses diy arrangement

1. Start with acacia

Start with your acacia, trimming away leaves that will sit below the water line. Create a foliage base by crossing a couple of stems in your vase, this will provide the general frame and shape for your arrangement.

step 2 strip lower leaves of roses

2. Add roses

Strip the lower leaves from your roses and start to add them one by one, trimming off the stem just before popping it into the fresh water for a drink!

step 3 cluster roses into arrangement diy vase arrangement

3. Arrange roses into a cluster

Arrange your roses into a loose cluster that looks like you’ve simply gathered an armful of beauties from the garden!

step 5 recess rose petals optional diy arrangement

4. Pop those petals!

Optional tip!

If you love the garden rose look, and are impatient for your roses to bloom, you can make your roses pop by gently curling back the outer leaves. You’ll get full bloom volume, and it won’t affect how long your roses last.

step 4 scatter in lavender into rose arrangement tutorial

5. Lavender

Pull away the lower foliage from your lavender stems (and breathe in that gorgeous scent!).

Nestle in a few stems here and there throughout your arrangement.

step six diy rose lavender arrangement

6. Blooming beauty!

Enjoy your gorgeous creation! This one is lovely in a hallside table so it catches your eye, every time you walk by.

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.