This week’s box is an actual treasure chest of richly hued spring jewels. Plummy gladiolus, tall and stately snapdragons, royal blue iris, ruffled maroon stocks and chrysanthemums. It is a floral tribute fit for a Queen, and yes m’lady, that’s you!

Now time for a little lockdown fun don’t you think? Undoubtedly this flowery plume will look amazing in that vase. But someone else is pretty amazing too, and yep, you guessed it again – THAT’S ALSO YOU! So clutch these babies to your bosom like you’ve just been handed them for coming first place at the pageant and sashay away! Straight to the mirror where you’re going to look yourself dead in the eye and remind yourself of a few things…

You are beautiful. You have a kind heart. You are entitled to happiness. You can succeed at anything you set your mind to. You are worthy of love and you deserve people in your life who make you feel safe and special. Your butt looks really cute in what you’re wearing today and I love the way you look first thing in the morning.

Now wipe away that tear, remember to thank your Mum and go kick some arse today!

Styling Instructions – Mini Gladioli, Snapdragon and Anenome arrangement


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A selection of spring blooms in different shapes like snapdragons and gladioli.

  • Metallic vessels – they don’t have to match!

  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • Some tape for your grid.

1. Strip tease

Trim away any leaves that will sit below the water line.


2. Gladioli

Set your gladys at an angle out to the side of your vessel, with slightly decreasing heights.


3. Snapdragons

Follow the same angle with the snapdragons and use them to fill up the space.


4. Tape

Create a grid with tape over your wider mouthed vessels.


5. Short and sweet

Snip your stock, anemones and chrysanthemums quite short, to create nice, full arrangements.


6. Ka-bloom!

What an explosion of colour! And one for every room.



About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.