Hey beauty!

It’s the colour palette we’re all obsessed with right now. Rose gold, dusty pink, blush, Scandi ERRTHANG! From mugs to rugs to phone covers, We even saw a complete blush dipped apartment complex pop up in Melbourne the other day.

Neon brights are sooo yesterday, and as we’re settling into these chilly months nothing makes us happier than being a human sushi roll, rolled up in a blanket, surrounded by cosy warm tones and a trusty heater.

This week we’ve secured some seriously pretty pastels for your boxes that we know you will LOVE. So pull on your ugg boots and bomb your space with blush fuelled prettiness.

XO Mel and Phil

“If I were to take all the little things I like about you, and mix ‘em up in a blender, the result would be a strawberry milkshake.  Coz those are freakin’ good.”

– Unknown

In the box this week

chrysanthemums bloombox co pastel flowers

Strawberry Milkshake Chrysanthemums

The subtle star of this weeks box are these perfect pink chryssies. Remove all the lower leaves and change your water every few days and these beauties will last for ages.

blush carnations bloombox co pastel apricot arrangement

Sim Carnations

Carnations sometimes get a bad rap but these bad babes aren’t your standard supermarket blooms. Big, ruffly and intense, these blush beauties are closer to peonies and have great long leggy stems that are great for adding a gardeny wildness to your arrangements.

lisianthus pastel pink flowers bloombox co arrangement

Dusty Pink Lisianthus

This week’s lissies are a beautiful painterly pastel pink – from darker dusty rose to pale pastels. These soft blossoms are fresh and pretty all on their own, but also make a great supporting act for other flowers and foliage. Snip where they branch off to make smaller useable pieces for your arrangements.

single stock bloombox co pastel flowers

White Single Stock


We love single petalled stock here at BBC HQ! Unlike its double petalled sister (which you’re more likely to see), single petalled stock has tiny super delicate blossoms which make it look like it was just collected from an enchanted forest, with a sweet floral fragrance.

pastel silver dusty miller flower arrangement bloombox co

Dusty Miller Foliage

These silvery velvet leaves are the perfect foliage for adding rustic softness to your flowery projects, plus it looks amazing styled all on its own. We love it with big fluffy chrysanthemums, pastel blooming roses, ruffly peonies, ranunculus and bud wax.


Watch it in action!


BLOOMBOX CO delivers fresh flowers and easy do-it-yourself instructions, so you can create beautiful arrangements in a snap. Here’s how it works. You receive a themed selection of flowers and botanicals, and our step by step instructions which are perfect for beginners or experienced stylists alike.

We’re committed to putting the creative reins in your hands, so you can confidently style your own botanicals and create beautiful spaces. It’s more about the experience and embracing your creativity than the end product, which is why we’ll never sell anything pre-arranged.

BLOOMBOX CO is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription service with no commitment – skip a delivery or cancel at any time (with 5 days notice). We can’t wait to get creative with you.


About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.