Hey sweet cheeks!

If there’s a trend that just won’t go away, it’s BLUSH everything! But this year we’re seeing blush all grown up in the colour combo of the season – pink and green.

We’re seeing bubble gum pink couches, toned down and grounded with earthy hunter green walls, and lots and LOTS of greenery – be it that ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig in the corner, or vases of dusty green eucalyptus.

It’s a palette that feels right out of the 80’s yet oh-so-fresh!

This week, accessorise your home with this hot colour combo with beautiful swirly soft pink lisianthus, wonderfully fragrant stock and a pile of the most stunning seeded spinning gum.

Keep this week’s arranging soft and simple, and spread your blooms across a couple of vases throughout your home!

XO Mel and Phil

Styling Instructions – Lisianthus, Stock, Spinning Gum Arrangement

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A selection of pastel blooms. We’ve got fluffy stock and pretty lisianthus.

  • Dusty green foliage. We have the most epic spinning gum!

  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • A sturdy vase and fresh water

1. Foliage first

Create a frame with your amazing spinning gum. Long branches for volume!

2. Prep your feature stems

Clean up any brown leaves from your stock and lisianthus and trim away anything on the stem that will sit below the water line.

3. Split your lisianthus

Lisianthus branch out with two long stems attached to each other. Cut one of these stems above the branch to split the bushels, and give you more flexibility with your design.

4. Lisianthus

Add your lisianthus! Stagger the stem heights so you’ve got full coverage and it’s sprinkled through your gum.

5. Stock

Nestle in your stock, keeping things off to one side and at varied lengths for a slightly assymetric look.

6. Blooming beauty!

Voila! Pink and green have never had such romance!

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