This week we’re going deep for inspiration. Into the deep South that is!

Rather than drooling over all marble/blush/Scandi everything, right now we’re lusting over raw brick walls, breezy linen curtains, giant framed mirrors and worn cow hide over a distressed wooden floor. It’s that combo of stripped back rustic combined with luxe textures that makes you feel right at home.

This week your box is packed with sweet, rustic blooms that brim with simple southern flair. Branchy and woody, but softened with velvety petalled blooms – this week’s selection is perfect for cramming into your nearest mason jar, while you whip up whisky sours for your closest friends.

Don’t forget to give this week’s easy tutorial a go!

XO Mel and Phil

“Mind your own Biscuits

and life will be Gravy.”

– Kacey Musgraves

In the box this week

lavender diy southern style flower tutorial


Gorgeous fresh lavender graces your box this week. These silvery purple buds exude a classic calming fragrance – perfect for popping by your bedside table in a cute vase or jar, or even drying out (just strip most of the leaves, tie and hang upside down for a couple of weeks).

If using them in a vase arrangement, strip away most of the lower leaves and trim the stems lightly before putting into fresh water.

For extra creativity points, pop a few of these pretty sprigs into a bath and get ready to soak the day away!

thryptomene diy southern style flower tutorial


A favourite Aussie native, this delicate botanical (with its teeny tiny flowers) grows throughout the eastern, western and central states and is usually available in a clustered variety, or in more delicate tendrils like this week’s pink tinged beauty.

A wildflowery beauty. These spriggy native blossoms team up well with soft blooms, like this week’s blush coloured stock!

spider leucadendrons diy southern style flower tutorial

Spider Leucadendrons

We’re in love with these ombre aubergine tinted leucs! These ancient native blooms are super hardy and long lasting. We love them thrown in with softer blooms for contrast, or just clustered on their own!

lavender diy southern style flower tutorial

Blush Stock

It’s a ruffly multi-blossomed stem that’s an arrangement all on it’s own and has us obsessed! We love it bundled up with other blossoms in the same colour department or just on its own in a simple glass vase. Indulge your inner Southern Belle and fill your home with this fluffy, fragrant beauty.

gypsophilia diy southern style flower tutorial

Local Baby’s Breath

This sweet little flower is usually considered a filler but best stands on its own. A stray sprig or two in a white ceramic vase, or incapsulated in a glass bottle, allows this quirky little flower and its complex branched stems to shine. 

These hardy blooms are easy to care for. Keep ends trimmed and water fresh. If you are planning to dry your Baby’s Breath stems, hang them upside down in a well ventilated area.

This week’s Baby’s Breath (also known as Gypsophilia) is a local variety that has a tinge of pink to the edges – unlike the snowy white variety that’s usually imported.


Watch it in action!


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.