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Guilty confession. I can think of few things more pleasurable than planting yourself in front of the Eurovision final with a fat glass of wine, Julia Zemiro’s innuendo ripe commentary and enough off-the-Richter-scale levels of camp pop to warm the coldest of hearts.

Despite dubious reasons for getting sucked into the Eurovision vortex you have to admit that our own Dami Im SLAYED at this year’s contest. And what started as passive, cynical viewing went to butt-cheek clenching anticipation and patriotic celebration of killer talent and totally infectious pop.

So this week, in the spirit of Eurovision and everything “Love, Love, Peace, Peace” we’re embracing diversity, and just down right fun, in this eclectic, colourful box. So crank up Dami’s “Sound of Silence”, wipe away just one patriotic tear and have a blast arranging this week’s box! And don’t forget to jump online for the low down on your box.

xo Phil and Mel

“When your moment comes

To rise”

– Dami Im

In the box this week

sweet william bloombox co

Sweet William

We’re so sweet on sweet william! These tiny blossoms are a nanna-esque treat that absolutely grow on you. Best styled in pretty vintage jars en masse all on their own, however they also make a great filler.

For more info check out our flower library entry for Sweet William here.

daisies bloombox co


Yippee bloomers, DAISIES! The Daisies of Our Lives,  no less. These often overlooked, yet gorgeously simply blooms are the best way to inject a “just picked” wildflower look to any bouquet or arrangement.

lucadendrons bloombox co


These gorgeous, robust blossoms are the perfect combo of flower and succulent. With their flamed coloured blooms and firey tips, leucadendrons are as eye catching as they are hardy and long-lasting. They’re amazing for low maintenance, longer term arrangements that you can set and forget, such as in a guest rooms, reception areas in businesses or simply if you’re feeling a bit lazy! They’re also great for water-free arrangements, so you can toss them on a table for a pretty, casual centrepiece without having to worry about them wilting halfway through dinner.

bud wax bloombox co

Bud Wax

You know that daydream you have, where you’re traipsing through the fields gathering armfuls of wildflowers and branches? Hold that picture in your head. Its wispy branchy stems are covered in tiny berry like buds that add a whimsical, rustic touch to any arrangement. And it smells amazing.

iris bloombox co


One of our faves! Irises are the showy sea slug of the flower world (in the best way possible). Their incredible delicate petals are a ruffly, but short lived explosion of colour. Pop straight into flower food solution and remove from your arrangement once wilted.


Watch it in action!


BLOOMBOX CO delivers fresh flowers and easy do-it-yourself instructions, so you can create beautiful arrangements in a snap. Here’s how it works. You receive a themed selection of flowers and botanicals, and our step by step instructions which are perfect for beginners or experienced stylists alike.

We’re committed to putting the creative reins in your hands, so you can confidently style your own botanicals and create beautiful spaces. It’s more about the experience and embracing your creativity than the end product, which is why we’ll never sell anything pre-arranged.

BLOOMBOX CO is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription service with no commitment – skip a delivery or cancel at any time (with 5 days notice). We can’t wait to get creative with you.


About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.

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