Are you as obsessed with this time of the year as we are? Cosy warm mornings full of the promise of a glorious day ahead, sunlight til 8PM meaning weekday picnic dinners
aren’t out of the question? LOVE!

Yep, that means the festive holiday scramble is around the corner. Before we get to that though, let’s just revel in the fact that we have three glorious months of pineapples, dubious tan lines and long hot nights ahead!

This week’s box is a celebration of all that’s to come, with lovely vibrant orchids, lush tropical foliage and pops of colour from a bright yellow pincushion and deep pink peonies.

This week simply pop them in a bright vase, and save a couple of orchids for your bathroom as a pop of colour while you’re getting ready for the day.

XO Mel and Phil

“In a Tropical State Of Mind…”

In the box this week

singapore orchids tropical diy arrangement

Purple Singapore Orchids

These bright magenta hued orchids have serious staying power, lasting up to a month or more with fresh water changes! Just slip off the vials and trim at a sharp angle.

peonies tropical diy arrangement

Dark Pink Peonies

These mini dark pink peonies give a multilayered punch of colour to this week’s collection. We love their deep green leaves – trim them off and set them aside to use in your arrangement!

pincushion tropical diy arrangement

Yellow Pincushion

This week’s yellow pincushion protea is a little piece of Hawaii in your home! This sunny yellow bloom looks gorgeous propped into a glass vase all on it’s own, or makes the perfect focal flower in this week’s arrangement.

flags foliage tropical diy arrangement

Cordyline leaves

These tri-colour cordyline leaves are little artworks in themselves, covered with painterly green and red pattern. They’re uber long lasting and a perfect foliage for tucking into the edges of your arrangement.

fountain foliage tropical diy arrangement

Fountain foliage

This aptly named foliage brings the textural punch to this week’s tropi-cool box. Like a mini palm tree all on it’s own, layer it into your arrangement for fountain like fronds that take you away to an island paradise.


Watch it in action!

Styling instructions

singapore orchid tropical diy arrangement bloombox co

1. Prepare your stems

Prepare your stems before you start, pulling away lower greenery from your peonies and pincushion.

singapore orchid tropical diy arrangement bloombox co

2. Start a posy

Start a rough posy by holding your hero flower, the pincushion, in one hand, and layering your peonies and fountain foliage in behind it.

3. Layer in orchids

Tuck your orchids in a cluster to one side of your pincushion. And finish off your posy with a few flag and leftover peony leaves at the edges.

singapore orchid tropical diy arrangement bloombox co

4. Measure and trim

Measure against a vase, and trim the stems at a sharp angle to reveal a fresh surface to allow the uptake of fresh water.

singapore orchid tropical diy arrangement bloombox co

5. Tie and place

Tie up your post with a rubber band (or twine) and pop into your vase with fresh water or flower flood solution

singapore orchid tropical decor diy arrangement bloombox co

6. Island Loving

Pop this vibrant, long lasting arrangement on your kitchen counter to bring a bit of island goodness into your week. Lush!

Your peonies will bloom and fade first, so simply remove them once they wilt.


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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.