Velvet Meadow

Starting to feel that crisp, Autumn atmosphere creeping in? It’s almost time to dig out the uggs, pile some blankets up on the couch, and drag the heater out of the cupboard. Take a good look at your home and think about what touches of comfort you can start adding (or taking away – clutter is nobody’s friend). Much more than hot chocolate and cashmere socks, cosiness is about surrounding yourself with things that make you feel physically and emotionally most like yourself.

So, how can you start to build cosiness into your home this autumn?

This week’s box gives ALL the cosy vibes. Velvety celosia takes centre stage, lifting this selection out of rustic-chic, and into showstopping, can’t-be-out-diva’d glam. Supporting our star are luscious, chubby Asters, bursting with colour, and classic, pastel Chrysanthemums. No doubt you’ve already squealed at the CUTEST Easter Daises which are great for filling out your arrangement as well as just being adorable. Glossy, long-lasting Magnolia sweeps in, with its glossy forest-green leaves backed with a rich, textured rust.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Celosia
  • Asters
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Easter Daisies
  • Magnolia
  • clean vase and fresh water
  • sharp scissors or flower shears

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