Freesia and Fern Arrangement

Hope you’re feeling thirsty because this week’s box is a tall drink of water! So fresh and clean, it brings cool, luxe, rainforest vibes right into your home!

There’s just something about ferns that never fail to make us think of a lush, abundant jungle – and the umbrella fern is a particularly fun example! But the bright, shell-shaped molucca balm flowers are strangely tropical too, despite also being known as ‘Bells of Ireland’ – probably the least tropical place on Earth!

Both the spinning gum and freesia give off a delicate scent that together will perfume your home with a blend of fresh eucalypt, and summer fruit, with subtle high notes of sweet honey and mint.

A delicious visual delight just in time for the weekend. Enjoy!



Here’s what you’ll need.

  • 1-3 stems of spinning gum

  • 3-7 stems of freesia

  • 1-3 stems of  umbrella fern

  • 2-5 stems of  molucca balm

  • clean glass vase

  • sharp scissors or flower shears


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