G’day Mate.

Oh Farnsey, how’d you get so wise? Sometimes a little bit of homegrown wisdom is all you need to get grounded, get perspective, and focus on doing what’s right. There’s always an opportunity to stand up for what you believe in, and we like to make that choice with every box that we deliver here at Bloombox Co.
We’ve made a commitment to sourcing locally grown flowers! For us and for you, that means less (or even sometimes zero) chemicals that you’re bringing into your home, supporting Aussie farmers, and learning more about the amazing botanicals we have on offer here in our stunning sunburnt country.

This week, you’ll find a stunning, love-heart red waratah in your box. There’s no feature flower that quite compares to these national beauties! Paired with fluffy, golden phyllica, textural and sculptural kanzia, and wildflowery geraldton wax, this is native Australian flora at it’s sexiest.
We’ve chosen to bundle clusters of like flowers together, with the waratah as a focal point, but remember, our styling suggestions are just a guide! Feel free to freestyle – these guys would look AMAZING spread out in little vases around your home!
xo Mel and Phil

Styling Instructions – Australian Native Arrangement


Here’s what you’ll need.

  • A strong focus flower like a waratah or king protea


  • Native Australian filler botanicals like geraldton wax, kanzia and phyllica


  • Flower shears or secateurs

  • A sturdy vase and fresh water

1. Start tall



Start with your kanzia, keeping it nice and tall. This creates a long line for your arrangement that you can work with as we go on.

2. Fill her up



Cluster your geraldton wax together and pop the bunch in next to your kanzia, keeping it slightly shorter, and nice and full.

3. Fan out



Fluff up your arrangement with golden phyllica. Create a small bunch with stems at staggered heights and pop it in, leaning it out to the opposite side.

4. Focus



It’s time to add your waratah, the focal point of your arrangement. Simply pop your stem in and lean to the side.

5. Finishing touch



Add the finishing touch by tucking any leftover short sprigs of geraldton wax in so the blooms sit just above the vase line.

6. Beautiful!



Time to crank the Farnsey (or Barnseym you choose) up full ball and kick back with a cracking Aussie vino. Enjoy!

P.S. You seem like the kind of gal that knows how to really embrace every day and make every moment beautiful, so we wanted to let you know that you can get flowers just like these delivered to your door every week! We (Phil and Mel) find the freshest, most amazing in-season flowers and send them right to you, so you can make your space and life simply beautiful. Click on your location below to find out more.


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