There you are poppet! Huddle in. We’ve got to talk.

We think you know what this is all about, but we just need to make sure. Coz here we are banging on about a floral revolution but YOU (our nearest and dearest) is why we are up at obscene hours and losing feeling in our extremities to get into your hands the sexiest blooms, rain hail or shine.

How many times have you seen that slightly sad Facebook post by a friend, snapping a pic of a bouquet at the florist with the caption “so tempted, but I couldn’t… hopefully (insert Man X’s name, lets call him Channing) will buy them for me”.  *GROAN*

Validation, babe, comes from the inside. And we know a few of you lucky buggers are receiving these blooms as a gift (and what a rad gift!), but regardless of whether they’re a gift or you instigated the magic yourself we want you to OWN them, coz they’re all about you, not FOR you. This week is a colourful box of favourites that we want you to get stuck into. Give yourself permission to go wild and spread them in jars all around the house, pop one in your hair, decorate your bedside table or experiment with a DIY arrangement. It’s not about being pro, its about having fun and loving every second.

You’ve got:

  • Poppies
  • Ombre Pixies
  • Mixed Stock
  • Orange Ivy Berry
  • Xanadu

And if you need a little extra inspo, we’ve popped an uber cool e-book up on our website for you. Go grab it!

All the creative love,
Phil and Mel


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