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Don’t get us wrong, we have the softest of soft spots for our native flora and fauna. Reserve the most derisive eye rolls for rumours of drop bears and urban storm water drain dwelling crocs. What could be more adorable than a cushion-on-legs wombat or a big fluffy tree full of wattle?

But the photographic evidence doesn’t lie – our cute and cuddly emblems are getting their badass on. Did you see the giant grey roo stalking the residents of Brisbane? And get a load of the koala chasing a woman on a quad bike in South Australia! Sure, they might’ve just wanted a hug but they’re doing it in hectic style.

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To embrace this trend of #nativesgonewild, this week’s box is a giant clash of big, dramatic natives, with just a hint of soft and fluffy. Tumble these beauties in wild fashion out of a water pitcher or oversized vase, and don’t worry if it looks crazy, that’s what it’s all about.

Phil and Mel

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