Stay close to mee-eee-eeeee, don’t let me be alone…something, somethingggg…

Oh hey there! So this week we got inspired by that thing which never fails to inspire -WINE. Mulled, no less. Sweet, spicy and sexy, it’s perfect for cold winter nights around the campfire, ghost stories and weekend getaways AND it matches this week’s flowers. We’ve got the richest, deepest burgundy and maroon snapdragons, chrysanthemums and tulips, lifted with lime green bersilia and foresty little gem magnolia leaves. Match your wine to your blooms and you are set!

To prove it to you, we filmed you a little vid from Phil’s farm, with hand knitted grandma cardies on. Check out our simple lavender mulled wine recipe – bet you’ve already got all the ingredients in your pantry!

*Hot tip: Erm, unlike in the vid, combine all dry ingredients, simmer until it’s all syrupy and THEN add your wine in the last 5 min if you don’t want to cook off all the alcohol. Unless you actually want awkward campfire conversation? “Oh that’s a good fire”…”Best put another log on”…”Come here often?”

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