Aloha lovely!

With winter finally wrapping up and spring just around the corner, we’re a bit excited about what’s in store. You’ve probably already noticed our fantabulous new-look box which we’re totally in love with! With a few refreshes going on over at BBCHQ we thought it would be apt to share our current inspiration: reinvention!

We can all be guilty of falling into routine and repetitive activity – especially in winter. But it’s really important to look up sometimes and take a refreshing look at how you are in the world. Are you living with intention, or just going through the motions? Have you tried something new or done something different lately?

Luckily, revamping your ways is surprisingly easy! It’s the little things that count so it can be as simple as going a different route for your morning run, switching your music for something the complete opposite of your norm (flamenco!), trying some crazy new recipes or getting that haircut you’ve been thinking about for a while.

And of course – this sparkle extends to what you do with your flowers! Think about what you could do differently with this weeks box – could you ditch the vase for something more unusual or take the opportunity to take some gorgeous pics of yourself, your buddies or your fam with the prettiest props? Get re-inventive! The sky’s the limit babe.

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