SPRING! Finally we can emerge from under doona covers, get those pasty legs some sunlight and SERIOUSLY play with our flowers. Spring has got to be every flower lover’s fave time of year – it’s hard to look up without seeing blooms everywhere.

Abundance is the flavour of the season, so not only are we excited to be bringing you bigger boxes packed with MORE FLOWERS (do you love them?!), but we’re super pumped about the amazing stuff you can pair it with that you can find street side or garden grown in your hood. We’re constantly running into fluffy wattle, nanna-chic camelias and majestic magnolias around every corner and there’s plenty to go around. Don’t forget to keep your shears in your handbag for super fast sneaky pruning 😉

With all these blooms at hand it’s time to go crazy! Full, feast-covered tables decorated with your fave flowers, armful sized bouquets, and blooms in every room. It’s a great time of year to have a more is more outlook, and restrained and calculated arrangements pave the way for big messy bunches that exude character and an untamed, wildflowery spirit (just like yours).

Enjoy love, and go nuts.
Mel and Phil

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