Wait one red hot second! Spring was in the air just a moment ago but all these heatwaves are reminding us that Summer is just around the corner. But… but… we’re not ready to say goodbye yet!

Spring is our favourite time of the year for flowers, everything blooms in a riot of colour and we welcome back our fragrant faves. It’s the time that bare branches burst into blossom, delphiniums, poppies and anemones explode onto the scene and peonies rear their gorgeous ruffly heads.

So while we’re beyond excited for fridge cold slices of watermelon, barely there clothes and sparkling water vistas (beach or your local pool, your pick!), we’re also saying a sentimental goodbye to a gorgeous Spring floral season. NOT to say that Summer doesn’t have its own amazing floral treats to look forward to.

This week’s Spring-y box includes:

  • Peonies
  • Eucalyptus
  • Multicoloured statice
  • Geraldton waxflower
  • Misty emile

As a cute way to stretch out Spring’s botanical bounty we’ve included a tiny glass vase for you to try out the cute 2 minute flower project below the gallery. An everlasting reminder of a gorgeous Spring.

xo Mel and Phil

Dried flower bottle arrangement

Easy as pie but oh-so-pretty! Pop these whimsical flower filled bottles on your windowsill, bathroom, bedside table or even string them up with a bit of twine.

AND they last forever, making them the perfect minimal effort flower project.

All you need:

  • clear glass bottles with a narrow neck
  • fresh everlasting/drying-friendly botanicals such as gypsophilia, misty emille, wattle, waxflower or statice
  • scissors and patience

Start by measuring and cutting sprigs of botanicals to fit inside your chosen bottles. Carefully poke your sprigs fully inside the bottles. They should branch out inside the bottle and be perfectly encapsulated.

Experiment with adding different length sprigs to your liking.

Voila! No need to add water.

These tiny bottles are good to go but will slowly dry out and preserve over the next month or so. Some blooms like paper daisies and statice will retain their colour perfectly, while others like gyp and waxflower will lose some of their colour for a rustic edge.


  • Get creative and experiment with different types of flowers and differing sizes of bottles to create quirky, cute clusters
  • Recycle your empty glass bottles and create vintagey displays
  • For something else a bit different you can also try multiple bottles filled with the same botanical, just differing the amount of density
  • IF you aren’t happy and want to re-do your arrangement, or just have other plans for your bottles, just remove the dried flowers with tweezers



About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.