Yippee bloomers, DAISIES! The Daisies of Our Lives,  no less. These often overlooked, yet gorgeously simply blooms are the best way to inject a “just picked” wildflower look to any bouquet or arrangement. We’ve paired them up in this weeks box with a delish mix of pastel lemon and blush for you to get creative with. Harking back to the pastel power suits of the 80’s we’ve got buttery pink Stock, lemony Statice and the always amazing smelling Ealricheer, fluffy peach Chrysanthemums to take your Daisies to the next level. Live out your soap opera fantasies whilst arranging your blooms and practicing your best drama faces in the mirror (just imagine that your husband cheated on you with your estranged father’s new wife’s daughter, who you all thought was dead, but is now back in town). All in a big vase together or scattered and separated through your home, this box is packed full of yummo blooms and is one of our faves yet!


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