Hey there star gazer!

Did you know that this month just kicked off with a super rare blue moon? Now ya do! Whether you’re a star gazing dreamer or not, it’s cosmic calendar collision of two full moons in a single month, and it’s not due to happen again til 2018!

A blue moon signifies a time in your life to take a step back from the grind, look at the bigger picture and take those once-in-a-lifetime chances to follow your deepest desires. It’s the time to run towards your dreams, open your soul up to infinite possibilities, let your desires bubble over and let them manifest in new and totally unexpected ways.

Sound good? We thought so!

So this week babe, we want you to take some solo time out while you’re arranging your blooms and let your mind wander off and dream big time! This week’s box brings you the most stunning deep purple Sweetpeas, electric blue (moon) Singapore Orchids, the crazy beautiful scented Pearl Wax, ombre Chrysanthemums and whimsical Joey fern. Get into this dreamy box and don’t forget to show us your style over on Insta or Facie.

P.S. We are chasing OUR dreams right now and have just launched our online flower market! We wanted to give you the opportunity to experience the abundance of the flower markets online and get your hands on bunches on the juiciest blooms out there, to get your home, event or business looking like a million bucks! We’d love to know what you think.

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