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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re on some version of the Truman Show? That while you’re scrolling through everyones’ Instagram highlight reels you get a bit overwhelmed by the #amazing / #gorgeous / #perfection / hashtag every superlative under the sun? Um, us too!

So a funny thing happened this week while we were in Woolies buying veggies for an epic winter soup. We stumbled across bags of wonky shaped carrots of all different sizes, aptly branded “Crazy Carrots”. It occurred to us that these giant supermarket marketing boffins are probably really onto something. Maybe in our world of perfectly polished apples, fluorescent lights and generically gorgeous lattes a bit of imperfection is a beautiful thing? I mean, since when is perfect ever a good thing to strive for?

So with that in mind, here’s to all the odd flowers, the twisted stems, the single blossom making a break from the pack, the leaf that was last week’s snack for a happy caterpillar. They’re rare but maybe the wonky ones are something to be celebrated rather than trimmed to size, straightened and squeezed in with the rest of their perfect buddies.

Get real and get imperfect with this box babe. Dangle some long stems off to one side, ditch the pretty vase for a favourite chipped mug, pick the wonkiest flower in your box and let it shine in a bud vase all on its own. And pop it on your desk as a gorgeous reminder that real, flawed, quirky and individual is more magical and more perfect than perfect could ever be.

Big love!
Phil and Mel

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