DIY Coastal Flower Arrangement

Hey wild thing!

Bare feet, wildflowers, salt laden wind and rippling beach grass catching the light. It’s everything we love about getaways at this time of the year!

This week’s delivery is a getaway in a box! With fresh seaspray coloured giant chrysanthemums, fragrant ti-tree blossoms and wild bohemian echonops, the colour of a stormy sea.

Like a stiff sea breeze, unwrap your chryssies and give them a fluff up and give them a day or two to stretch out. Pile them into tall vase and lean out long lengths of ti-tree. Fresh and un-done. It’s all about the beauty in letting your creative spirit run free!

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Styling Instructions

1. Prepare your stems

As always, prep your stems before you get started. Remove any lower leaves that would be submerged below the water line.

Any tougher leaves can be snipped off with scissors or shears.


2. Build a flower sheath


Gather a simple flower sheath, starting with your ti-tree as a base. Tuck in your echonops throughout your posy for a wild touch of blue.

Finally, add your chrysanthemums. As this is a wilder style of arrangement, simply weave them through, rather than using them as a specific, or more formal, focal point.

3. Tie and trim

Once you’re happy with your sheath, tie off with a rubber band and trim your stem ends to reveal a fresh surface, ready for drinking up water!

4. It’s time to lean in!

Simply pop your sheath into an vase filled with fresh water. The bottom of you sheath doesn’t need to touch the bottom of the vase but is just as happy cradled in the mouth of your vase, at a fun, flirtatious angle!

5. Primp


Tweak your arrangement by wriggling out pieces for a beautiful breezy, wild feel.

6. Wild and free!


Pop this easy breezy arrangement on your bench and throw open the curtains and enjoy that warm summer breeze!

Schedule in joy in 2017!

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About the Author:

Philomena is the founder of Bloombox Co, occasional hatmaker and pickle aficionado. She lives in Melbourne where she works to get locally grown flowers into homes and businesses.